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Choosing The Right Company, Team And Manager

Choosing the right company, manager and team

Each individual is different, and no two people are or work the same, but similarities between us all do occur, and these are what we need to focus on. You have your goals and way of working the same way that footballers have different and individual ways of playing. However, it is when these ways of working come together you see a massive and great progression. This is why it is vitally important that you find a team that works in a similar manner to you. This starts with the manager; due to personal individualities, all managers do not manage their team in the same way. This is all down to their work ethic and how they have gained progression in the past.

It is a very good idea to ask your potential employer what their work ethic is like, so you are able to see if your two styles of working in the workplace clash or if they do not. The manager’s way of working will often seep into the rest of the team so if you do not like their work ethic it is highly advisable that you steer clear of that company.

However, if your work ethics do mould your transition and experiences when working will be seamless provided there are no other external factors that may affect this. Which leads me onto my next point.

Current Employees

Looking and observing current employees when looking for a new job is vital. Work ethic aside it is everybody’s personalities that you must be observing now. It is common knowledge that you need to be working with people who you get along with or, at the very least, can hold a pleasant conversation. This will alleviate stress and anxiety in and out of the workplace as you won’t be worrying or uptight about somebody when you are attempting to complete work. This eases your workflow as there will be nothing blocking the flow ensuring that you are working optimally while still maintaining positive mental health.

This is not an aspect to overlook as without working with people you can get along with the stress will build making you unhappy and inefficient.

Company Goals

When looking for a company to work for it is always imperative that you look into and ask what their goals are and make sure that they align with yours. Often companies may maintain their innocence while using manipulative and wrongful ways of tricking their customers into buying their products. If this does not align with your ethics, then it is a good rule-of-thumb to resist working for said company. This will mean that you will not have a guilty conscious when working and increasing the company’s sales.

However, it may not go as deep as that but your vision and their vision for the company may vary massively. They may see expanding into a multinational cooperation while you may want to keep and maintain the authenticity of the company. This ties into another major point about being passionate for the work you will be doing. If you do not care about the work that you will be undertaking, then there is no point in doing it. You will end up feeling down about the work and situation that you put yourself into.


All-in-all choosing the right company, team and manager for you may be challenging or maybe simple for you and either is fine. But was isn’t fine is settling on a situation that you are not happy in because this ends and passion and fire that you have within you. So when attempting to pinpoint the correct place to work make sure that the close members of the team you will be joining have similar or the same work ethic as you, that the current employees that you will be joining have personalities that you admire and mix with and, finally, make sure that your goals and the goals of the company align and allow you to fulfil your dream job.

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