WorkBeam Managed Solutions Model

Our outsourcing model offers a comprehensive solution for IT Projects and Business as Usual Services. Coupled with expert resource consultation, we can help you achieve your requirements using an on-time and quality delivery process. Our versatile structure also allows us to offer flexible, dynamic solutions to meet your needs.

Our staff has over 10 years of experience in delivering IT Outsourcing across various clients and industries in Tokyo. With this expertise, we are able to consult with you and give advice on the possible capabilities possible and fulfill your needs.

Our model focuses on the following 3 key points:


Quality service and delivery through expertise.


Commitment to true service delivery.


Highly compliant with all Japanese legislation and applicable regulations.

Our Solutions

We can provide resource and project solutions in the following, but not limited to, primary areas:

IT Support

Application Development

Project Management

Business Analysis

Server and Network

Data Centre Support and Staff

Windows and Other Systems Migration


IT Security

How does it work?

We offer a comprehensive outsourcing service. If you have a business need for a project or scope of work, be it from a full-service desk team to a one-off project management requirement, please contact us and we will be happy to explain what solutions we can offer for your business. Please refer to below information on the process flow and management.

Operational Management

For each project we embark on, we have an assigned project manager to ensure that the work done by our staff is completed to the agreed upon scope of work in the contract. We conduct monthly status update meetings with our assigned staff and client contract owners and can produce monthly updates or progress reports accordingly. We believe that managing a motivated effective team is key in delivering the best service to our clients and meeting our set objectives.

Benefits of WorkBeam Services

Project Manager / Supervisor Provided

A defined scope of work (SOW) will be agreed upon for all projects and services. WorkBeam will provide a Project Manager who will manage each project or service to check and oversee that requirements are met against the SOW.

Selection and assignment of workers

WorkBeam will conduct reference checks and reasonable background checks on all project and service staff. All workers’ skills will be additionally assessed to comprehensively match client requirements.

Quality Assurance

Service hours provided will be checked regularly against scope with the project manager and refined direction is applied where necessary.

Compliance and regulation assurance

WorkBeam will provide reassurance in adhering to Japanese regulations, specifically regarding hours and overtime, to be in line with said requirements for all project and service staff and that correct supervision is provided in appropriate working environments.


WorkBeam will endeavour to provide sufficient coverage to meet the required service levels and ensure deadlines are managed effectively.

Case Studies


IT Support – Business as Usual


IT Service Desk L1 support for a medium-sized company in Tokyo supporting around 250 users. Needing Japanese support for a majority of Japanese users plus English ability for several non-Japanese workers and overseas visitors/executives.


We provided 2 bilingual IT support staff for 9am to 7pm coverage across two sites at a set fixed monthly rate.


Project Management – Long-term Project Basis.


One large global client required a capable senior project manager to help with their project delivery in Japan. The resource needed to have great communication skills in English and an internationial mindset whilst also being able to explain to the Japanese stakeholders, with a strong result-focused attitude, to help see the project through to delivery.


We provided a senior IT project manager to match their needs for this long-term project and provide remote project supervision and support.


Software Development – Java Developer for Investment Bank


A large investment bank had the need to urgently backfill a development position as one of the team members had to leave unexpectedly.


With a fast SOW execution and consultation, we provided a highly skilled developer to the client who was able to start within a week.


IT Security – Business as Usual


A multinational insurance client needed an experienced Security consultant to assist them in the security and IT Governance team. This was a small team with one senior director who needed a hands-on Security consultant/engineer to assist him in threat assessment, security consultation, and improvements.


After careful consultation, we were able to use one of our existing staff members who was reaching the end of one project and transfer him to this new assignment after setting up a meeting to ensure all requirements and parties could confirm that this staff member’s skills matched the requirements for the service.


SAP Consultation – Project Basis


One Global client needed a SAP consultant to help with a global SAP rollout in Japan. This role needed an expert in SD and MM models with hands-on experience. Our client was having difficulty finding the resource themselves as a direct employee, and after several months, turned to us to ask for advice and to provide the resource.


Having experience in this area, we were able to find a SAP consultant meeting the requirements from our network of candidates and referrals within a month.

Contact Us

If you need to get a hold of us for any reason, please find our contact details below. We are always happy to hear from you and will try our very best to help you.