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We are a dynamic, enthusiastic recruitment agency and outsourcing business offering a comprehensive set of services. If you have a project or human resource need, please contact us and we will be happy to consult with you on the service that works best for your needs.

Permanent placements

If you’re looking for a resource for a long-term or indefinite timeframe, we are able to introduce candidates for any permanent position or requirement you might have. This can also be extended to find candidates for limited direct contracts too. Accompanied by experienced consultants, we have an extensive database and contacts network and can reach out to source your requirements. We are also able to provide retainer or headhunting services.

Temp placements

With a strong focus in contract solutions and experience in contract recruitment, we are able to offer a detailed, compliant, and robust contract-resource solution. We regularly consult with lawyers and the labour office to keep up to date with all compliance regulations and guidelines. We truly understand the need to find the best people in the market and know how equally important it is to treat them well to promote long-term career progression and performance. We are also able to provide candidates for temporary and permanent positions.

The WorkBeam Recruitment Methodology

We can help you find the best candidates for your needs. With over 15 years of recruitment experience, our consultants are ready to help you. We follow a strict proven recruitment methodology. An example of the permanent hiring process is provided below:

In our initial discussion with our clients, we gain a solid understanding of their requirements and project needs. The second phase is to confirm that our understanding is correct.
Our sourcing strategy includes finding the right resources from the following key sources: our extensive database, our large network for referrals, job boards, overseas and domestic events, LinkedIn, Facebook, Line and other social media, headhunting, and direct applications too. However, that’s not all as we are constantly researching and looking at other candidate-sourcing strategies to continually improve our whole sourcing process.
We check all the candidates’ motivations, skills, education, availability, current processes, presentation, and communication skills. We also check their resumes in English and Japanese.
We invite all the candidates to a face-to-face meeting to better understand them in person. Here, we also introduce any potential opportunities for them to apply for. If we don’t have a good matching position, we record their details in a specially designed list for the type of position and skills they are looking for so we can contact them again later if the right role comes up.
We introduce well-matched candidates for you to choose from for your position or projects. We schedule any necessary meetings or required tests with the chosen candidates.
After choosing the final candidate, we can assist with their transition into the new position. We can also provide reference and background checks if requested.
Once the candidate has started, we continue to make sure they are enjoying the role and fitting in with regular updates.

Case Studies


Maternity IT Support Cover Assignment


An international pharmaceutical company with a medium-sized presence in Japan had one IT support person supporting around 100 users and executive visitors in a Tokyo office. The IT support person had to leave for an extended absence of maternity leave. That left the company in need of a contingency plan for around a one-year period with the potential for a longer time. Having helped our client with several other roles, we were asked to help with this situation by finding a quality contingent dispatch-assigned employee to cover this maternity leave.


We were able to provide a dispatch worker who was already on assignment with us at a large financial institute where her contract was coming to an end. We transferred her smoothly from her current assignment to the new assignment and kept all her benefits and payments in place. Having worked with her for over a year, we were able to confidently recommend her for the new assignment and be sure of her sense of responsibility and proven performance. Eventually, the original worker did not return, and our client decided to convert the assigned dispatch worker to a full-time employee, which we were happy to facilitate.


Permanent Recruitment Needs


One of our largest clients, a large investment bank, made the strategic decision to hire a new manager for security and governance. The relevant director and HR team reached out to us, and we set up a meeting to understand their requirements in more detail along with full clarification of the job description.


The meeting was concise and productive and allowed us to fully understand and create a sourcing plan around the role. The senior consultant working on the role searched through several sources for a potential candidate, mainly prioritising his network and candidates that had previously been referred to him.

Initially, we sent three potential candidates in the first week, with more being sent later. After a comprehensive process of setting up various interviews and constructive feedback from the HR manager and hiring manager, we were able to narrow the candidates down to two finalists for a final meeting where the client chose their most preferred candidate.


Difficult Position with Retainer


A new client entering the Japanese market contacted us to help them find their first Japan-based employee. As the company had no brand or market awareness, they were struggling to fill this position themselves or with multiple agencies, and it had been open for a long time without success.


We were able to offer the solution of a retained search. We agreed to an activity-based contract with one-third of the recruitment fee upfront. A completely dedicated senior consultant was put onto this role so that we were able to send across a group of CVs to begin the recruitment process and to see it through to the final placement.

Without a retained solution and a dedicated consultant, it would have been nearly impossible to fill this position. An additional benefit of a retained search is that it is commonly used for roles which require a high level of confidentially because only one experienced recruiter works carefully on the role.

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