The WorkBeam Difference:
Recruitment Services for Job Seekers

We pride ourselves on being exceptionally dedicated to our customers and clients. As a result, we have set up the following operating principles to differentiate our service with the aim of providing absolutely the best delivery possible.



We value and respect long-term relationships. We believe in understanding people and using technology to support the recruitment process not to replace or limit human interaction. When you contact us, you will be able to build a relationship with one consultant who really listens to you on your career journey. It is the journey that is important, and we understand that getting you the right position doesn’t always mean the end of our work. Many of the candidates we place become our best clients and over 90% of our placed candidates come back to us or refer candidates to us at a later point. It’s these long-term relationships and this mindset which we pride ourselves on.


This is the Japanese Market

We are operating in the Japanese market, and our experience is here. We never try to push any global-based agenda. Many of our competitors are often controlled by an overseas head office with no understanding of the Japanese market. We believe that Japan is unique and we should treat it as such, which is why we operate completely within the Japanese market.


Experienced Consulting

With our experienced consultants, we carefully select the best matching roles for you from thousands of jobs. We provide advice and suggestions to help you in your job search, including advice on your resumes, the interview process, and how to make educated choices for your career. We always aim to provide direct, honest, and clear information to help you to the best of our ability.


Follow-Up and Aftercare

After finding you a great position, we continue to follow up and make sure you are satisfied in your role. We truly believe in being your partner and always being here for you.



We focus each consultant in a specific area, and they learn the technical skills and detailed market information to assist you better.

Expert Advice for Job Seekers

How to Resign Professionally

Over the course of your working life, you may resign from multiple companies or positions in order to gain a new, better one. It takes a lot of consideration before you write and submit your resignation, but if you do it professionally, the outcome should be more positive.

Templates for CV, Rirekisho and Shokumukeirekisho

We prepared some free template for you to download with an easy explanation of the differences between each resume. Please find the following free templates below for your use.

Uncover Hidden Skills that Transfer to Success

A large part of the job-seeking process seems to rest on how much experience you have as an applicant. This can put some people off who may not have a long work history, such as those who have recently graduated, those with a gap in their employment record, or those who simply want to expand their horizons and seek a new career.

Top Tips for an Effective CV that Gets You Hired

When you apply for a position that requires the use of the English language, it is a good idea to submit a CV or resume that uses that language professionally. You might believe that a direct translation is sufficient. However, a word-for-word translation usually does not convey the same information or feel that a naturally written one does.

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