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Personal Branding for Job SeekersBuild your personal brand

It requires more than an interesting resume to get called in for an interview or hired for a position. Everything you do in your professional life, including on your internet platform, works together to create a picture of you for potential employers.

Marketing yourself in a similar way that a brand does makes you stand out from the competition. Now, more than ever before, it is an important way to attract attention. You should appear on social media and industry or career networking sites. Your brand includes past jobs and the relationships with those employers, your work with recruiting agencies, and interactions with colleagues both past and present. This showcases what you can bring to a new position and how your reputation can help their organization flourish.

When an employer considers you for a position, they need to know you will fit into the culture of the company as well as know how to do the job. This is a big reason why many look at social media accounts. Only reveal the best things about yourself and control what is shared as if everyone can see it. Building a personal brand sometimes intersects with your non-professional life.

As time goes by and technology changes, employers will undoubtedly find new ways to find the perfect fit for their open positions. This is why managing a positive brand identity is essential now. Everything you do persists into the future.

These 5 suggestions will get you started:
1 – Audit or review yourself as a brand identity.

Ask people you interact with to describe you honestly. You may learn things about yourself that can help you mold your future more successfully. For example, “always late,” “keeps glancing at the phone,” or “always ready to help out,” and “sticks to a project till finished” will help you know your strengths and weaknesses. Only when you recognize and accept these judgements can you begin to change for the better.

Always be 100% honest when reviewing yourself. Pretending problems do not exist will not help because future employers will see them. Then, take action to address problems or improve yourself by building new habits, taking classes, or practicing positive traits.

2 – Leverage your brand on social media.

Employers search for candidate names on the internet, and they will find your social media accounts. While some things should be private to talk with friends or family, having a public image online helps your quest for advanced employment.

The opportunity for building a personal brand on social media exists for everyone. It is a bit like crafting an ongoing, interactive CV. Represent your positive abilities and personality traits and leave out the negative ones.

The most highly recommended professional social media site is LinkedIn. Fill out your information properly and then take the time to endorse skills and network with other individuals to get endorsements. Join or create industry-specific groups or feeds on Twitter and other sites, as well.

3 – Maintain contact with former bosses.

If you use an old employer as a reference or report your job with them on your CV, which you should do, then it is highly professional to contact them and let them know someone may contact them with questions. This current contact gives you the opportunity to instill your personal brand ideals into them, which can translate into better reviews. Likewise, stay in contact with people who worked with you at the company, too. You might be surprised how networking can lead to better opportunities.

4 – Utilize recruitment consultants wisely.

Unless you have a marketing background, you may find it difficult to understand how to build your brand successfully. Recruitment consultants can guide you in various ways to make it easier. They have the necessary information about industry career opportunities, salary levels, and specific jobs.

When you interact with a recruiter, you cannot expect them to do all the work for you. Only top effort levels will get you the results you want. Impress them with your effort and willingness to learn new techniques, and they will be more likely to suggest you for opportunities with company clients. Over time, the consultant will get to know your brand identity as a potential applicant and be able to match you more successfully with opportunities.

A recruitment consultant’s primary role is to find the best applicants for an employer’s available positions. During the process, they strive to help you get the right job. This requires honesty and the equal sharing of information between consultants, employers, and you so everyone has the same image of your brand.

5 – Networking helps build your brand.

Even if you put everything in place for a strong personal brand, it will mean little if you do not use it. Keep pages updated, get involved on social media, and constantly learn from industry sites. Also, track the ups and downs of employment opportunities and salary levels in your chosen field.

Become proactive at improving your career position. Invite a colleague for coffee and talk about professional improvement with a personal touch. Maintain contact with recruitment consultants who can help you stay on top of the list for future opportunities. Networking even when you are happily employed can open up a world of possibilities for future advancement.

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