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Top Techniques for a Successful InterviewInterview techniques

  • Research the position and company first.
  • Practice potential answers to expected questions.
  • Prepare questions to ask the interviewer.

Interviews occur in the middle or end of the recruitment process. The potential employer has already seen your CV and gathered enough information to know that they should spend more time with you. This makes your interview skills critical for your entire career path. Follow these suggestions to increase your chance of success.


Use the various sources to gather information about the company or organization you will be interviewing for. Check out:

  • Personal recommendations from people you know.
  • Suggestions from your recruitment consultants.
  • Online directories and job review sites.
  • Career services on university campuses.
  • Professional or industry associations.
Ask Questions

The interviewer may ask if you have any questions about the company or position. Consider asking:

  • What is the complete job description?
  • Will training be provided?
  • Are there possibilities for career advancement?
  • What skills do you want me to bring your company?
  • When can I expect a follow-up to the interview?
Professional Presentation

Increase your chances of interview success by acting and presenting yourself professionally at all times. This first impression is very important, so dress for success in a conservative manner. This usually means a dark-colored suit for both men and women, and with a tie for men and simple and classic jewelry for the women. Get advice from friends or family with corporate positions if you do not naturally tend toward stylish clothes.

These three tips will help you succeed in an interview for any type of job. Once you get through the first steps and the potential employer likes your CV and thinks you show promise, a professional in-person interview can seal the deal.

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