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Maximize Your Benefits with a Recruitment ConsultantUsing a Recruitment Agent

People who are searching for a new employment opportunity frequently have misconceptions about what recruitment consultants can do for them. Let’s analyze them.

Common Misconceptions

1 – Many of the jobs you advertise are fake. Truthfully, doing this is against the law. Also, this would lead to a failure to accomplish what you promise clients, which would hurt your business.

2 – You care more about getting a client any job rather than placing them in the best possible job for them. This, again, would hurt your business if you did it regularly. Applicants who end up in an unsatisfying job would not recommend you to their colleagues and would not come back when they want to change jobs. Also, the businesses you place people at would not use your recruitment consultancy company to find them more workers if you give them unsuitable employees.

3 – Recruitment consultants ignore clients and avoid communicating with them if they do not have a company eager for them to apply. The truth is that professional consultants are constantly on the phone and the Internet seeking out new opportunities for their clients, driving out to companies to meet with potential employers, and interacting with their contacts at various companies to determine exactly what they need to fill a vacancy. If a recruitment consultant does not spend a lot of time doing these things, they will not have any employment opportunities for the people who desperately want a job.

4 – Too many workers believe that temporary assignments are less important than permanent ones. This leads some to leaving the position early or switching excessively between temporary jobs. These actions make it very difficult, not only for themselves to be seen as a viable candidate for other jobs, but also for the recruitment consultancy business that needs to maintain a positive relationship with the companies it represents. You as a consultant have done a lot of work to attract the company to you and the employees you recommend to them. If one or more of them failed to take a temporary assignment seriously, it could negatively impact your business.

What Recruitment Consultants can Do for You

Some professionals who engage the services of a good recruitment service are unsure whether the consultant’s main focus is on them as a potential employee or the companies that need new workers. In truth, if you are a consulting firm who wants to recruit the best talent, you need to focus on both candidate and company to create the best possible outcome for all.

Your job is to earn the trust of companies who want new employees. Also, you need to find suitable applicants for the specific roles they need to be filled. This does not mean that every applicant who could fit into a company’s job opening will be submitted as an option. Some companies only want a certain number to look over due to limited time or staff. As long as you do not continually pass over a viable candidate for choice jobs, you are doing your part to balance the needs of both interested parties.

Another part of your job as a recruitment consultant is maximizing the efficacy of the candidate’s cover letter, resume, and interview methods. You provide all the necessary information about the open position and help them craft an application that will hopefully lead to employment. This is especially true for people who have been out of work for a while, or those who have held the same position for many years and may not be in tune with today’s best interview practices.

Of course, even if you try to pick the best candidate and coach them on resume building and interviewing, they may not win the post. In this case, another part of your recruitment consultant job is to help the candidate understand why they were not selected. Consultants should give the company the opportunity to provide feedback to make this process easier. This also helps you prepare this or other candidates more effectively in the future.

Other Questions for Recruitment Consultants
1 – Do Consultants Give Advice on My Career?

Yes. Professional recruitment consultants should offer advice on career building and changes that can help the client more effectively manage their employment opportunities and future.

2 – Are Recruiting Consultants Available at Any Time?

We understand that many clients are currently employed during regular work hours. Most consultants share the same office times but may offer extended hours for added convenience. These are quite sought after, and many will not be available. This means that clients need to make every effort to come to appointments or other functions as scheduled.

3 – Is Everything Kept Confidential?

All the necessary information you, as a client, shares with a recruitment counselor can be used to approach potential employers and convince them to give you a job. Only pertinent information is included in cover letters and resumes. The professional recruitment consultant policy is to never reveal that you are looking for another position to your current employer. We only check references at your discretion.

4 – How Can Clients Maximize the Benefits of a Consultant?

Recruitment consultants understand what they need to know to make clients attractive applicants for various posts. Above all else, a client should be completely honest with you about their experience, abilities, education, and other information. They should also share which jobs interest them and which do not.

5 – Can Clients Use Multiple Recruitment Consultants?

Yes. Understand that most clients register with multiple recruitment services to maximize the possibility of them getting a job they want. However, if you do your consultancy job effectively, they may not need other options.

6 – Should Clients Reveal if They Have No Real Plan to Change Employment?

Yes. One of the first things you should ask a potential client is whether they are currently unemployed, actively seeking a new position, or simply exploring their options in case they decide to make a change. This first discussion is essential so that you can provide them with the information they need without wasting your time setting up interviews or helping them write a resume.

7 – What Should You as a Consultant Expect from Clients?

At the initial meeting with the new client, be sure to go over all that you expect as a recruitment consultant. Some points include their ability to come to all appointments and interviews, a willingness to listen, take notes, and understand positions well, and to maintain an appropriate, professional demeanor so they reflect well on your consulting agency.

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