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5 Tips for Feeling Positive Everyday

5-Tips-for-Positive-Feeling-EverydayApril marks the beginning of a new life for many people. Some of you may be feeling nervous, stressed out, or experiencing difficulties in general, and some of you may be experiencing a bit of negativity, thinking that it wasn’t supposed to be like this. I would like to write down five tips to help you increase positive emotions in your life.

1. Find small joy in every day.

Try to find joy in the little things every day. Try to always increase positive emotions by being moved by trivial things such as not having to wait for a train, being praised by your boss, having a nice meal for lunch, or pleasant weather. We often feel stressed in our daily lives when COVID-19 makes us no longer take the things we used to take for granted, but make a conscious effort to find small joy every day.

 2. Stop trying to be liked by others.

Quit trying to seek to be liked by everyone. The famous 2:7:1 rule in psychology says, “2 people who are like-minded with you: 7 people who either like you or dislike you: 1 person doesn’t get along with you”. It is very difficult to be liked by everyone, so if there are 10 people in your life, you should value the two people who are on the same wavelength as you are. Especially in the workplace, you have many opportunities to interact with people of all ages, and it is sure to be tiring to try to win favor with them every time. Rather than trying to be liked by everyone, it would be better to act the way you want to act, so that you can live your life as you want to live it without accumulating stress.

3. Do something you like for 30 minutes every day

Working people are busy and their days pass in a hurry. While it is important to stay busy at work, do not hesitate to spend time doing what you love. Exercise, read books or comic books, watch TV even for 30 minutes every day, do what you like, and set aside time to do what you like so that you could be motivated more tomorrow. Then on weekends, if you have time, go away for a little while to see beautiful scenery, enjoy nature, and refresh yourself to the fullest. Just thinking about what you would like to do next will make you feel a little happy.

4. Get enough sleep and eat what you like

Getting 7 hours of sleep every night and eating your favorite foods are important to energize you for tomorrow. Ideally, you should take a bath or shower 2-3 hours before you go to bed, darken the lights, adjust the air conditioning, and prepare your room for a good night’s sleep. It is also recommended that you make it a habit to read a book instead of looking at your cell phone before going to bed. Eating a well-balanced diet is also important. Eating sweets and other favorite foods as a reward for your hard work can help relax your brain and relieve stress. Although COVID-19 is restricting you, it is very important to spend time eating delicious food with friends who know you well.

5. Feel happy enough now

Constantly chasing after goals can be exhausting. Of course it is important to have goals, but try to think that you are already happy enough now. Hard-working people are always in battle mode, feeling like they need to work harder and feeling bad about themselves for not trying harder, but you may want to relax a little and spend time every day. I think there is enough happiness in your current self and in your current life. It is up to your way of thinking to decide if you want to be happy.

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