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Find And Retain The Motivation To Clinch That Job!

Find And Retain The Motivation To Clinch That Job!

We are living in a world where tensions are high, workload is never ending, and demands are truly challenging. You need grit, passion and dedication when it comes to meeting your career goals, and motivation is the key to your success. Now, it is easier said than done. It is easier to think about all those good thoughts that keep you happy, but if you want to achieve success, you need to tap into the real secrets of finding and retaining the motivation to clinch that job!

Find your motivation!

Fed up with the same old job search? Lost your mojo and just can’t be bothered anymore? This sluggish negativity, is not only going to be holding you back but, will continue to thwart your ability to be productive in all areas of your life, including your career search. But we are sure you know that! So, let’s do something about it, and help you find your motivation again?  For starters, you need to understand that self-motivation comes from within; that intrinsic urge that drives us forward, excites us and gives us a reason to pursue the things we want in life. To succeed, you need to create a clear vision of what you want, get organised and produce a plan.

What you want to achieve: Finding the job that is right for you.
How you are going to achieve it: By having the motivation and desire to go for it.
And why:  Because you want to be successful

Retain your motivation!

Finding your self-motivation, and getting started, can be the hardest part in your job search. But now, having found that motivation, we want to keep it there. Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed with clutter. Stick to your plan and watch it evolve. Have a clear vision of what you want, something that you can relate to, something that speaks to you from the heart and excites you. Stay positive and make choices that stimulate your senses, look at the bigger picture and visualise your dreams. All these positives will help you stay motivated and have a huge impact on your self-worth and wellbeing, and will identify you in your search.

Be constructive and reach your goals

So, now you’re really motivated and ready to go for your goals. Your approach is positive, and you’re going to put your thoughts into action. You need to stay focussed and not allow your mind to drift. You need to keep your tasks in some semblance of order so that your interest stays alert. Get organised and write yourself a to-do-list.

Jot down a couple of jobs that interest you and then look them up, to see if what they offer is what you really want. Do not become inundated with too many at one time. This will only fog your brain and you’ll feel your positive energy waver. Set a schedule and follow it through. Do not go beyond your own competencies and allow yourself to be bogged down. You need to be challenged but capable and feel in control.

You may however, and quite naturally, at some point sense your motivation decline. Ask yourself why. Are you tired or stressed? If that’s the case, congratulate yourself for working hard so far, take a well-deserved break, grab yourself a coffee then confidently direct your thoughts back to the new positive, motivated you.

Celebrate your achievements

Congratulate yourself on the achievements you’ve made and keep believing that your goals are attainable. Re-envisage your path, stay motivated and “in the zone”, and success will follow.

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