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Hiring for a Start-up

Hiring-for-a-start-upHiring for s startup can be difficult, confusing and downright annoying at times, but with a few simple steps, the process of building your team will become easier than ever. A startup at the beginning is not the project or product you are selling but rather the people behind them. When looking for any employee it is imperative that you aim as high as possible. This will ensure that you get quality employees driving your startup forward.

With a purpose

Behind every action that you take, there must be a purpose, because without purpose you will never receive the best results. This is even more true when it comes to hiring for your startup. As we said earlier it is the team that makes the startup not the product, so it is vital you gather the right team. You do not want someone you have hired to drag the morale of everyone else so make sure when you’re hiring, you’re hiring with a purpose, a purpose to better your team and better the startup. If you don’t this could cost, you massively in the future.

Into the future

It is all well and good looking at somebody’s past experiences and achievements but what is even more vital is somebody’s mindset. When hiring it is not only important to look at somebody’s qualifications but also their mindset. The climate of the sector you have started up in will change dramatically while you are in it, so you need a team filled with individuals who adapt and cope with change very well. Do not hire people based upon their past merits but also how their previous employer described them being in their place of work. You can also get a grasp of how their mindset is like through interviews and screenings. Do not hire for the here and now but rather for the uncertain future.

Skills can be learnt but mindset cannot

A person’s mindset is the key to either success or failure and is often impossible to teach. Working day today is almost identical to what professional athletes face: wake up, work, eat, work then relax. So, what separates great athletes from good ones? Mindset. The driving force behind rapid progression is the attitude behind the motion. Think of the brain and body as a set of clogs in a train that is on the tracks to success. Well-oiled clogs that fit together and run smoothly have been treated well by the power of positive mental attitude while the rusty ones may move in any direction, backwards or forewords, at such a slow speed that it is often unnoticeable.

What to take away

Despite hiring for a startup being confusing, difficult and frustrating it is imperative that you maintain calmness and adapt to every obstacle that may come your way. You must remember that you need to hire with intent and purpose and put this behind your every decision. This will ensure that each and every action that you are taking are for your benefit and not the benefits of others. This applies when you are hiring because you do not want to hire anybody but rather a specific person or set of people that will help your startup excel at the rate you want.

It is also very important that you hire with the future at the forefront of your mind. There is nothing worse than looking back on your past decisions and realising that your mistakes were staring you right in the eyes the whole time. Keep questioning yourself about the suitability of a said person to make certain that they will help drive you the whole way there instead of dropping off or dragging behind along the way.

Finally, remember that mindset is something that cannot be taught but simply manipulated by the individual over vast amounts of time. Look for a person who is adaptive and can morph into any scenario


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