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5 Steps of a Successful Recruitment Process

The Recruitment Process

Follow these steps to facilitate a successful time with the recruitment agency:

Step #1 – Register at the Recruitment Agency

Click on the “Register” link on our website. Fill the information form out completely, and include your resume in either English or Japanese. Directly after registration, you have access to various positions you can apply for directly. You will receive contact from a WorkBeam Japan recruitment consultant in 2 to 7 days.

Step #2 – Consulting for Career Information and Opportunities

Make and keep an appointment with a WorkBeam Japan career consultant. The person assigned to you will have special knowledge about the industry or niche you want to find employment in. The consultation includes discussions about your skills, experience, achievements, and past work history, as well as your future goals. They can help you create an excellent Japanese or English resume. Finally, they discuss available opportunities with you. If you cannot come to the office directly, this can occur over the phone or through email.

Step #3 – Applying for Jobs and Interviewing

When you find a position of interest or the consultant recommends you try a particular one, you start the application process with our guidance. We help you perfect your CV and cover letter and prepare you for the interview process. The consultant handles communication between the employer client and you in regard to negotiations and specific points not covered in the normal application process.

Step #4 – Receiving Offers and Getting to Work

If an employer is happy with your CV and interview, they may offer you the position. The consultant gets in contact with you, helps with salary and start date negotiations, and facilitates the transition from unemployed or under-employed to your new job.

Step #5 – Following Up

The WorkBeam Japan recruitment agency strives to support your career advancement throughout your life. We do not stop once you have your first job. Instead, we can offer assistance or suggestions for continuing to build your career into the future.

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