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Top 6 Tips for a CV that Gets AttentionGetting your Cv Noticed

Each advertised job gets a large number of applicants. They turn in their CVs and hope for a call to an interview. If you want to stand out from the group, you need to take steps to ensure your CV gets more attention than the others.

Competition is high and, if you are not the most qualified of all the applicants, your CV could end up in the recycle bin instead of on the hiring manager’s desk. A CV is a tool to get you an interview, not the job. This recruiting agency handles more than 8 million every year and has a selection of about 250 per open job. You need to craft a compelling CV that gets you moved to the next step in the process.

Follow these top 6 tips for excellent, attention-grabbing CV creation:

Personal Summary

Start with a short statement about your objective, ambitions, and important skills. This is the first impression seen by potential employers, so make sure to put something impressive here.

Align with the Job

Match the wording and tone of the advertisement for the position on your CV and cover letter. This shows the employer you have fully read and understood what they are looking for. In other words, if the ad is looking for someone with “strong leadership capabilities,” include information about successful leadership positions you have held in the past.

Keep Away from Clichés

Avoid saying the types of things that many other people say on their CVs. These include phrases like a hard worker, quick learner, and works well with others. Instead, focus on concrete examples that demonstrate these skills and personality traits.

Back Up Achievements with Proof

A CV full of excellent achievements might impress at first glance, but if those claims have no data backing them up, they are not worth much. Employers want real information they can use to make decisions. Show them the data, for instance, the improvements in ROI you caused directly, the total revenue you brought in, productivity or efficiency boosts by percentage. Which of the following two examples is more powerful? “I improved my sales volume considerably,” or “I increased my sales volume by X% for three years in a row.”

Make Yourself a Star

The whole process is designed to sell yourself, so put yourself in the middle of the action. Do not say you “assisted in” or “was involved with.” Instead, state what you personally did with direct, active statements.

Always be 100% honest. Do not make claims about your roles in particular projects or jobs that you did not have. Also, never include negative statements about former employers or employees. This will directly lead to a rejection.

Make Your CVs Easy to Access

An employer with dozens or even hundreds of applications and CVs to sort through is not going to take the time to figure out how to access yours. Always use a file format everyone can open such as a PDF. Use a clear, professional font. Print the resume in black on white or ivory paper if a physical copy is needed. Double check all information, especially name, phone number, and email address.

Any CV that fails to follow these rules will be ignored or deleted immediately. Hiring managers appreciate easy access and will form positive judgements about you if you provide them with a neat one to read. Then, if they find yours tailored to the specific position and with all pertinent information included, they are more likely to schedule an interview.

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